October cook along!

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Food for Fertility October Pop up and Cook Along… online class, join Judy and Angela, talk fertility while we create a delicious autumn lunch together. See the flyer below.

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Saturday, October 8th from 11 am until 12:15 pm

The webinar is online, enjoy from your browser

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Food for Fertility October Webinar


I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in reproductive nutrition. I support people that are who are trying to conceive. I can guide you in optimizing your nutrition with from preconception through post-partum. For the past 20 years I have been helping people manage PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) from adolescence through menopause.

I also provide medical nutrition therapy for adults and mature teens with eating disorders on a case-by-case basis. If we fit together, I look forward to helping you supporting you on your recovery.

I use a weight inclusive, non-diet approach to help my patients improve their relationship with food, health, and body image in my practice. Your care will be personalized and I will coordinate with your health care team.


How We Begin?

Discovery, the first step

We will connect on the phone or email. There is no cost to get acquainted. I’ll ask a few questions, outline the services and costs. You’ll learn about my approach and the positive outcomes I can help you achieve.


Next, we’ll schedule the first sixty-minute visit. We will meet in-person or by telehealth.

After the first visit, we’ll schedule follow-up session on as needed basis.


Call me or email me to make appointments.


Payment is due at the conclusion of each session. I accept Master, Visa, and Discover cards including health savings debit cards.


Location information is below.

Contact me to learn more and to ask questions.

About Judy

Judy Simon

Professional Experience

Judy Simon MS, RDN, CD, CHES, FAND specializes in nutrition counseling for individuals, couples and families. Judy provides evidence-based nutrition counseling in reproductive nutrition (fertility), PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and eating disorders. She is recognized nationally as an expert in nutrition and fertility.

Judy offers her clients the unique experience of a weight inclusive non-diet approach to healthy eating. Many of her clients have tried traditional diets and programs and failed. Instead, Judy combines her expertise in nutrition and coaches her clients to success, overcome eating disorders and master self-management of their health.

Judy’s professional contributions garner national attention from the nutrition and fertility fields. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics awarded Judy the Excellence in Practice in Women’s Health in2014 and the Community Practice Award for Excellence, Washington Academy Nutrition Dietetics 2017.

Additionally, in coordination with Dr. Angela Thyer, Judy developed the Food for Fertility Program (TM) in 2011. Judy presented the outcomes of the Food for Fertility program at the American Society Reproductive Medicine (2013) and the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society Annual Scientific Meeting (2015).

Judy served as the President of the Seattle Tacoma Reproductive Society (2014-2015), past-chair of the Nutrition sub-interest group of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and continues on as mentor coordinator of the Women’s Health Dietetic Practice Group. She is also a board member for the Diabulimia Helpline.

Food for Fertility

For for Fertility program consists of highly interactive classes offering participants lifestyle counseling in a supportive group setting. In the past year and half, classes are on a virtual zoom platform; we all cook two or three recipes together from our home kitchens!


Food for Fertility offers women a virtual cooking class to optimize their fertility health and prepare for pregnancy. The series is led by Judy Simon and reproductive endocrinologist, Angela Thyer MD. Both of us will be cooking with you from our home kitchens. You will receive recipes in advance of the Saturday classes. Each session will focus on different areas of nutrition and lifestyle.


Join new moms, moms to be, moms with toddlers, and moms with multiples. We meet, eat, share, learn and take a 20 to 30 minute gentle walk. Babies, toddlers, pregnant moms are all welcome! Each monthly class focuses on nutrition and health topics for moms and children including recipes and healthy snacks.


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